Reports & white papers

Scotland’s Future – is everyone’s business

Small businesses, like others, will have questions about the referendum and about what independence means for you. In this paper we outline the benefits of independence for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and demonstrate how we can help businesses grow and thrive in an independent Scotland.

Scotland’s Future – Connecting Rural Scotland

The paper sets out five ways in which independence will deliver the services rural Scotland needs to maximise the economic opportunities that everybody should be able to expect. 1. Improved digital connectivity 2. Fairer parcel delivery charges and ownership of the Royal Mail 3. Fairer fuel prices and energy bills 4. Better transport links 5….

Scotland’s Future on Screen: Support to the Screen Sector in an Independent Scotland

This discussion paper examines options for support to the screen sector in an independent Scotland, through grant support, equity investment, and fiscal incentives. “Scotland’s Future on Screen: Support to the Screen Sector in an Independent Scotland” notes the commitment in “Scotland’s Future: Your Guide to an Independent Scotland” that ” within the first term of…

Empowering Scotland’s Island Communities

‘Empowering Scotland’s Island Communities’ is a prospectus for Scotland’s islands, recommended jointly by Scottish Ministers and Islands Council Leaders. Scotland’s islands are special. They are beautiful and diverse, enjoying rich histories, healthy economies and immense prospects for future growth. In July 2013, as part of Scotland’s journey toward independence, the First Minister established the Island…

Scottish Independence Bill: A consultation on an interim constitution for Scotland

Consultation on the Scottish Independence Bill, which provides for Scotland to become an independent State in March 2016 and sets out a draft interim constitution. The consultation paper contains: the draft Scottish Independence Bill providing for Scotland to be an independent State and setting out the interim constitution which would apply from Independence Day detailed…